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WHO ARE nrg?

nrg is an intelligent communications agency, using visual media to deliver your message through films and animations. Creating adaptable assets for our clients.

At NRG we have a deep understanding in a variety of business sectors and are trusted across the globe producing regular video and animation content.

What sets us apart as a communications agency, is our ability to take a complex brief and turn it into clear, simple and engaging content that inspires audiences and elevates brands.

What can nrg do for you?

This lies in the power of communication. Focusing on two main areas:


Branded content and animation are great ways to drive forward the growth of your business. They attract new business to your website, gain awareness of your product or brand, and in turn drive your business forward. Companies have been using video content in various ways: in educating consumers, selling products, services, promotion and recruitment.


Digital content is a vital element of successful internal communications. Proactive and targeted internal comms can reflect the business’ core values, ethos and culture throughout their communications and are always targeted and relevant to their audience.

One of the other key benefits of using films to improve your internal comms is that it can easily be distributed throughout the organisation. Once created, video content can be made accessible to employees on any device through email, online and presentations during meetings.

A lengthy email might be ‘saved for later’ and then forgotten. Employees are more likely to hit ‘play’ when sent a video link.


Looking for more than just content? As a comms specialist our expert team can collaborate with you on developing your brand messaging and strategy to deliver comms effectively.

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