What’s Inspiring About Technology Companies’ Video Content?

Video content and technology companies are a perfect fit. Need to explain how to use a software product? An explainer video is the perfect solution for walking customers through the product. Need to demonstrate the benefits of a technology solution over a competitor’s or legacy system? Video is great for highlighting the key facts in a visually memorable way, and making a compelling case for purchasing the product.

But technology companies are not just using video as an alternative to a wordy product description or as part of their knowledge bank. Some are also using it to inspire their prospects and communicate brand values and culture. Video has been instrumental in changing our perception of what a tech company looks like; from nerdy IT guys who talk in technical jargon, to hipsters enthusing about their products in a way that we all understand.

While admittedly some of those hipsters are actually pretty nerdy, this approach to video marketing has got us all excited about the companies developing B2B solutions, as well as those selling lifestyle changing state-of-the-art consumer products!

How are they doing this?

To start with, many are putting their employees in front of the camera and getting them to talk about the products. Naturally they’re picky about who gets the job; they need to be engaging, reflect the company culture and talk in a way that people who use their products understand.

This human face of the tech sector is important, as the solutions many businesses sell are often highly complex bits of code with a user-friendly interface. Attracting prospects and building loyalty to a product is much easier if you can put a face to it – people want to do business with other people, not with an algorithm!

Another way technology companies are using video is to solve problems. That’s not new, we see a lot of video content that asks the question “do you have this problem?” and then sets out to explain why a company’s product is the solution. Again, this can be very effective for tech companies if the content is about the people, the problem and the result – not so much the actual product, especially if it’s not really tangible and easy to show in a visual way.

Go To Meeting have used this approach really effectively with their #Because videos. Problems range from the obvious, such as ‘because you’re a start up business’ or ‘because you need to screen sharing’, to the outlandish. I particularly like ‘#Because ZOMBIES’ – see below. All these short video clips last around 15 seconds and tell a story in fun way about a problem – like a zombie apocalypse – for which Go To Meeting would be a good solution.

Storytelling is a great tool for video content and it is particularly useful when the product doesn’t provide many opportunities to show it off visually. Video of someone sitting at a laptop using your SaaS solution, interspersed with some screenshots of the user interface is not really inspiring.

However, you don’t have to come up with outlandish ideas to tell a story about your product. One very effective method is to share customer stories, get other people to tell your prospects why they use your products or services. Customers are great at inspiring other people because they can add authenticity to your content with real experiences.

This video from Zendesk neatly sums up the power of a customer story or case study, albeit a spoof version.

In summary, if your business wants to inspire your audience through its video content, these are my top three suggestions for doing so:

1. Use your people to sell company culture, and the product
2. Solve problems with storytelling
3. Validate your tech solutions with customer stories and testimonials

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