The power of visual media



Content is king

Video & Animation

We don’t say that lightly.  We believe it.  Great content will do everything you ask of it. It will inform, educate and inspire.  It will shape how your audience think, feel and do. It will elevate your brand and your business.

For us, content is all about video and animation. We live and breathe both. And we have some incredible talent and experience on our team who only ever create and produce the very best and hardest working assets for our clients.

We’ve produced all manner of video and animation for our clients. From fast turnaround ‘talking heads’ with senior leadership to panel discussions. We’ve scripted and created films with multiple contributors and shot on and off-camera interviews. We get creative with graphics and animation, adding interest and holding the attention of the audience.

We’ve also created and produced animation and films that have featured user generated content and stock footage films. We write scripts, incorporating key messages and once approved, we make the magic happen. To deliver a maximum return on your investment and help increase engagement we will ‘splice and dice’ the visual media we create for you into reels for social media channels or bite sized shorts, making it easy for you to share on your internal channels

Video or Animation?

It’s a question we are often asked. And asked cold, there’s no right or wrong answer. It’s all about the goals and challenges you want to achieve and overcome. Both can be emotive and impactful.  Both have a place in making the complex simple. It’s all about the story to be told. It’s about harnessing the power of visual media to be the best fit with your business and objectives.


A thing that takes place,
especially one of importance

Every event – whether its in real life or is virtual – is something of importance for us. Working together with our clients we ensure their events not only harness the power of visual media, but are also compelling, immersive, authentic and hard-working. Most importantly we work hard to ensure every event achieves your business objectives and leaves every member of your audience engaged, inspired and energised.

We can do as much or as little of your event as you want.  Our expert events team can manage and produce the entire show, working with you on strategy and content as well as running the logistics, venue and delegate management, and an array of event assets from interactive apps to set design.

And of course, we make your event continue to work long after the final curtain falls. We work to your objectives and create a library of content, including films shorts, social media clips and presentations for your business to keep using and – where applicable – sharing.

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