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Contributor Release Form

Working Title of Film: Meraki
Production Company: NRG Digital Ltd

I, or the person named above who is under my care and control, has been asked to take part in the above film. I hereby agree that the copyright and all other rights in respect of my, or the person named above, performance or appearance are hereby assigned to NRG Digital Ltd. I agree that the film that I, or the person named above, have contributed to, may be exhibited in all media and formats. NRG Digital Ltd without further consent may use my/their name, likeness, biography and photographs of me/them and recordings of interviews with me/them in advertising and in publicising the film, in all media and formats, in perpetuity. I understand that the producers are not obliged to use my/their contribution to this film and scenes may or may not appear in the final version of the film, but that the footage may be used by NRG Digital in other promotional films. I hereby agree that my performance as a buyout in title is for £0.00 (Zero).
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