Experience a new world of gin up close!

The project

A collaboration with Dreaming Fish & Finished Pixel to create a film for Silent Pool Gin as part of their ‘Layered Notes’ campaign.

The project approach

The Brief:  

Silent Pool Gin commissioned us to produce a 30-second promotional advert highlighting the rich depth, layered flavour profile, and floral-botanical essence infused into their premium gin. The main objective of the video was to serve as a captivating display on their Heathrow duty-free stand. We aimed to push creative boundaries with a unique and bold approach allowing busy travellers to delve into the flavourful universe of Silent Pool Gin.

Our approach:  

Our creative approach immerses the viewer in the aromatic world of the gin, allowing them to ‘experience and taste’ its complexity first hand. Visually, conveying the diverse array of layered botanical note flavours within the clear liquid of Silent Pool Gin.

We employed a technical approach involving ultra-macro lenses to achieve extreme close-ups of the gin. We partnered with Finished Pixel to film with the Kuka Robotic Arm which recorded the footage in incredibly slow motion while pouring, mixing, and stirring the liquid. This approach resulted in a fully immersed perspective.


To animate the aroma world, we closely collaborated with Dreaming Fish productions to develop an immersive environment brimming with delicate wisps of vapour and misty fragrances. Together, we sculpted this unique realm using custom-made smoke simulations in 3D space. To enhance its authenticity, we integrated real-life photography into the exploding bubbles to showcase the fresh botanical ingredients bursting with flavour synonymous with Silent Pool Gin. 

We seamlessly connected the two worlds with a visual effect zoom transition, delving into and then emerging from the aromatic macro world. This conveyed the notion that the ethereal realm of flavour resided within the gin itself. 

Watch the full film below:

The project outcome

The film has since premiered on a big screen at terminal 5 on the official Silent Pool gin stand. Sales have gone up 65% in duty free. 

The feedback has been that it looks fantastic and effectively conveys a sense of refreshment and transports viewers into this aromatic Silent Pool moment. It also does an excellent job of highlighting the floral and botanical elements of our gin, and it seems to resonate well with viewers by creating a refreshing and thirst-inducing sensation. Overall, it appears to be positively impacting sales by capturing and maintaining viewer interest at Heathrow T5.” – Rhian Billington

Watch the Behind the Scenes film below: