The project

To create a colourful showcase film promoting Krispy Kreme’s doughnut personalisation service with different scenarios to demonstrate the different occasions the service could be used for. 
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The project approach

Our mission from the outset was to create a film that captured the joy and happiness that Krispy Kreme’s personalisation services can bring to someones life. To do this, we needed to highlight the different type of occasions that the service could be used for.

We worked closely with the client to develop the type of occasions that they felt would best represent the service and convey the idea of surprise and celebration.

Through lighthearted on-screen action and dynamic transitions and movements the film provides quick and engaging storytelling to keep the audience feeling entertained yet informed.

With a combination of skilled cinematography and clever editing in post-production this  allowed for the  doughnuts to take centre stage and be the main focus throughout the film. The end result was a seamless and fun journey through the  lives and hearts touched to those who received the exciting new service.

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Project outcome

We always value our clients feedback. See what our client had to say about this project. 

Their experience in pure video, and by that I mean the use of real videography equipment and talent is far superior than most. That’s why I use them. I think it has to be the attention to detail and creativity, they’re the two things that align with my values. The team are all great, everyone down to accounts payable is fantastic, great to work with, very friendly and… I just think the whole team’s great.

Mike Tinnion
Senior Creative & Content Manager, Krispy Kreme UK Ltd