Innovation at the Intersection

The project

To create a film that would really bring energy and excitement to the launch of GBM Technology’s flagship annual event

The project approach

“Great events start with great planning.”

Working closely in partnership with our client on the event meant that we could really embed the key messages and make sure they landed effectively with the audience.

Not only did we look at every aspect of the event from start to finish, but we ensured that everything ran smoothly on the ‘BIG’ day. Our expertise in film production, means that we approach an event the same way we approach a live production – with all the excitement and energy that goes with that.

We film all aspects of the event and produced content that could be shared with an extended audience far beyond those able to attend the event. Not only did this mean the event had a much longer reach, but also that it worked harder, continuing to embed key messages long after the initial session.

Watch the event opening film below:

The project outcome

The Medici effect was a compelling, immersive and authentic event. Bringing teams together to really connect, now and in the future.

We (at HSBC MSS Technology) have partnered with the team at NRG since 2016 in the preparation and planning of our global annual flagship technology conference - MSS Does. NRG have been a huge support with all aspects of the event – format, branding, media, production, logistics, content. Through four iterations, NRG have helped us to grow and shape the event to what it is today - an event we are extremely proud of, enabling global collaboration on a scale we didn’t think possible.

Mary Caffrey

CIO for UK & Europe, Markets & Securities Services
Programme Director, Service Sustainability, Markets & Securities Services IT

Watch the event highlights film below: