Inspired by Nature

The project

Create a film that fulfilled the brief, felt cohesive in the look and feel and stayed true to the story of the brand.

The project approach

Lionel Hitchen who are an independent, family owned manufacturer and supplier of an extensive range of flavours and flavour ingredients to the food and beverage industry, approached us to create a brand film that needed to deliver a number of messages within one film.

  • Educate prospects
  • Proud history
  • Show their culture and ethos as a brand
  • The size of the business
  • The global reach
  • Their process
  • The Hitchen Hero’s
  • The scale

And overall leave the audience with the understanding of Why LH is the business to work with for flavours and flavour ingredients.

We developed an approach that would do more than just be a nice overview film. We wanted every moment, every image to say and mean something to the business and the audience.

It was an opportunity to fulfil the aspirations of the business, shine a light on the Hitchen hero’s, showcase the deep and rich history of the brand and visually enhance all areas of the production process from R&D, flavour labs and warehousing.

We proposed a creative that was dynamic in the way the camera moved to capture different areas of the business and at the same time have ‘moments’ to show the Hitchen Hero’s in the best light. To show the scale of both premises we optimised our drone to capture the sites in the golden hours of the day.

It’s a combination of the ideation and the nrg production process, coaching the contributors, that really brings the story of Lionel Hitchen to life.

Watch the full film below:

The project outcome

The film is the centre piece of the website homepage and serves to really bring the company to life for visitors.

The film looked amazing and really captured the essence of who we are, our culture and history. It’s been really well received and everyone enjoyed being part of it.

Fran Padgham

Marketing Manager, Lionel Hitchen