Culture, Ethos and the LEK effect

The project

A series of recruitment films to promote working at L.E.K in the UK and Europe, showcasing their Culture and Ethos.

The project approach

We set out to develop a series of questions and a creative approach to the interviews and Day in the Life films.

To elicit funny and thoughtful responses we developed a series of questions that were a mix between more serious questions and fun ones.

The creative approach to the interviews involved a series of devices at the start of the interviews that would make it feel more informal as we wanted to capture the interviews in a very natural and authentic way.

Two film crews would be running across the two filming days. One crew filming the interviews and the other filming three day in the life films over the two days.

Interviewing twenty five L.E.K’ers over two days allowed us to create a series of films on different subjects and help shine a light on the different experiences and personalities at L.E.K.

Watch the full film below:

The project outcome

The films we have are enormously successful for the L.E.K Europe team. When the global marketing team saw the finished films, they commissioned us to make a new series of films for the US division.

The project you (nrg) created for us gained a huge amount of positive feedback Globally. The number of applications was also higher than ever.

Amelia Hall

Experienced Hire Recruitment Manager L.E.K London

Watch the Interviews film below: