Celebrating the joys of Summer

The project

The aim of the campaign was to be eye catching and bold to draw buyers to try the new flavours.

The project approach

The campaign centered around having a doughnut with a powder explosion happening simultaneously. In order to achieve this we needed a specialist camera, a Phantom high speed camera to be exact, capable of recording 76,000 frames per second (fps) at max resolution.

The other key element we needed was a high powered way to launch the doughnut with the coloured powder that would look amazing.

For this we reached out to special effect experts, Machine Shop.

Machine shop were able to provide us with three canons capable of being rigged to a launch box that would enable us to fire the doughnut and powder simultaneously to capture the shots.

During the day of filming we had over 200 doughnuts to launch. After each launch the doughnut was completely covered in powder and no longer usable (or edible unfortunately!).

Using the phantom and colourful powder (which got everywhere, and we mean everywhere!) meant having to film in a studio environment to contain the action.During the filming we had a team of machine shop’s technical experts on hand to operate the canons and were able to create some incredible, unique hero shots that looked stunning.

Watch the full film below:

Watch the Behind the Scenes film below: