A Kitten's Guide to Good Breeders

The project

The Governing Council of the Cat fancy (GCCF) approached nrg looking for an animation to highlight the growing concern with unregistered breeders. During the Covid pandemic there was a boom in pet sales which led to a large number of ‘backyard breeders’ who were selling kittens who had poor health and wellbeing conditions.
The animation was intended to be a guide to buying a kitten and the pitfalls and perils of buying from an unregistered breeder.

The project approach

In order to achieve the most impact and emotional response to the animation we decided to create a film that came from a kitten’s perspective.

We developed a script about Coco, a kitten who was bought from a backyard breeder, who we see have health complications. We wanted the film to tug on the heart strings but also convey the key messages about why it was important to properly research your pet before purchase.

We always wanted the video to have an uplifting ending to instil positivity and proactivity.

We initial wrote the script, created style frames and then went to storyboard. The process of bringing our cat to life meant designing a number of potential styles and collaborating with our client at the GCCF to find the one that they felt worked best.

We went for an illustrative design as this felt the most family friendly, and we wanted this video to be accessible for audiences of all ages.

Watch the full film below:

The project outcome

The final video was used on social media and the GCCF website.

We couldn't be more pleased with the end result!

Rosemary Fisher

Director, GCCF