Rapidly accelerating start-up

The project

To reflect the Capita Scaling brand and at the same time promote the start-up owners in an environment that represented who they are as a business and made them feel relaxed.

The project approach

We were tasked to create three sets of films: Founder Talks, Endorsement films and an overarching film for Capita Scaling all in one location.

After researching several possible locations we settled on a studio that would provide several different locations within one space.

Our creative approach was to use each of the locations as backdrops to the interviews, while filming a series of intro shots to give atmosphere and gravitas to each contributor. We also filmed with three cameras’, with one on a slider. This approach allowed our editors to generate pace and energy to the films.

In the edit, we designed and animated the opening sequence for each of the founder talks to make standout on social media channels.

Watch the full film below:

Watch the Brand film below: