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“This has exceeded our expectations beyond what we could have comprehended, this film is truly sensational.”

Westminster Abbey Educational Film

We were commissioned by Westminster Abbey to create an engaging film that would appeal to a wide audience, but that would also particularly appeal to an age range of 8-16 years old. The use of our gib provided key details that allowed the audience to make architectural discoveries for their selves. The use of animation immerses the audience as the presenter, Andrew Chater, is brought to life within the tapestry, allowing us to attract a younger generation.

We interweaved grand and majestic shots of the Abbey with facts that not only educate but excite, combining our content with footage from televised coronations past. These techniques helped to broaden the appeal to all ages and Westminster Abbey were delighted with the result. After seeing this film, Exeter Cathedral came to us to commission their own film that would be popular with a mass audience by utilising our skills in contemporary educational media.

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