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“The Layton Collection is made up of many kind of books on all sorts of subjects. Almost anything you might dream of, you can find somewhere amongst these dusty bookshelves.”

The Layton Collection | Insight Film

We worked in partnership with Medioto to create a unique insight into the Layton Book Collection, raising awareness of the vast collection that awaits in the town of Brentford. It was key for us to delve into what the collection has to offer and to showcase the variety and breadth of what’s available to discover.

Our team looked to introduce not only the collection, but Thomas Layton himself. With a quirky style and feel that combined the periodic content with a modern interpretation, our experienced animators used stylistic graphics that would help provide detail to the audience that they may not have unearthed without visiting the collection in person. We worked closely with the experts to provide their take on this legacy that Layton left behind, showcasing their favourite pieces that visitors can also enjoy, and detailing the importance of the restoration and digitalisation of the books so that many others may discover The Layton Collection for years to come.

From the strength and response of this first film, we were able to produce a second film for The Layton Collection.

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