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“We are by far the biggest supplier of beef jerky to the major retail outlets… We’re proud of producing our own recognised, healthy alternative snacks.”

How To Make Beef Jerky | Meatsnacks Group

This film was successfully pitched to Meatsnacks Group by our team, to create a vibrant rendition of the jerky and biltong production process. The film uses playful and dynamic character animation to reflect the active production process, as well as reflect diversity of the Meatsnacks Group consumer. It was important to demonstrate the universal appeal and accessibility of the products.

We wanted the film to be both fun and factual, which was achieved by using annotations alongside unique imagery. The eclectic mix of vintage-style illustration and modern animation brings the history of jerky production to life. Our animators’ stylised approach makes the jerky journey memorable and reminds the viewer why Meatsnacks Group has such a global appeal.

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