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Krispy Kreme KitKat

We were commissioned by Krispy Kreme to help launch their new and exciting collaboration with KitKat through a range of engaging and enticing videos to be used across socials media channels and on digital menu boards.

With the delicious decorations on the new Krispy Kreme KitKat doughnuts, we knew it would be a great opportunity to hire a macro probe lens to highlight the detail of the milk or white chocolate icing, crushed wafer sprinkles and the KitKat bite delicately balanced in the middle of the doughnut. Partnered with carefully selected music tracks, our editors paced the films to grab the customers’ attention, teasing the audience with quick cuts until the grand reveal is made. Graded against the glorious and instantly recognisable KitKat red background, the film is the first in a range of Krispy Kreme KitKat videos that will be used across the country in a store near you.

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