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“We’re getting shots that I don’t suppose people have seen for centuries; by using the gib, we’re able to see over the organ, so you actually get a sense of the whole continuous vault, which is very exciting! “

Welcome to Exeter Cathedral

We were commissioned to create an educational film that would excite and inform every visitor of Exeter Cathedral, from children to grown-ups, bringing to life the history of such a magnificent building.

We wanted to send the audience back in time to key events, from the first stone put in place, to the destruction of the Chapel of St James. Through innovative techniques, Exeter Cathedral’s journey is thrown into the digital age; architectural stories animated and unravelled, vibrant medieval paint renewed, and stepping into restoration photographs from post-war. This film touches upon the multiple discoveries available to visitors at Exeter Cathedral and provides an insight into its grand and eventful history.

The Cathedral were blown away with the results of the film and we are incredibly proud of the results. On top of this, we’re delighted that the film was nominated for a BAFTA.

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