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“This empowers you to cost-effectively collect, and transfer massive amounts of data… Take your apps and data close to your people wherever they’re located.”

Equinix Google Cloud Platform

From the strength of previous Equinix films, we were commissioned to create an animation on Equinix Google Cloud Platform. The film was created to demonstrate the cost-effective storage and transfer of large amounts of data using Equinix in combination with Google Cloud Platform. We utilised both 2D and 3D animation techniques to create a dynamic film that effectively demonstrated the capacity of Equinix as a cloud-based data centre. In the film, it was important to showcase the globality of the company and its reach to 40 markets across 5 continents, sustaining Equinix’s role as the global interconnection leader. We also wanted to simplify the concept of cloud-based data, in order to make it more accessible, using an engaging animation.

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