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“When we met with the NRG team, we felt very confident in their abilities and felt very aligned in the way that we were working. We actually felt the passion… It was an emotional journey because we had seen all of the development of the whole project.”

Bullying Who Cares

Our pitch for this project won against three other agencies, in order to produce this emotive film in preparation for Bullying Awareness Week.

Our team transformed real stories into an impactful and inspiring piece encouraging the audience to stand up against bullying. As part of a wider anti-bullying campaign, the film uses stunning visuals and infographics to demonstrate how bullying is a cross-generational issue and can affect anyone anywhere. It was vital for the film to also portray the support provided by Memiah’s Counselling Directory and affirm that there is indeed positive action against bullying.

We worked closely with Memiah to ensure that the film maintains sensitivity to the topic, whilst still providing a hopeful and positive message. With over a quarter of a million views on YouTube within the first week after publication, the film aims to inspire more than 30% of people to speak up.

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