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“The creative team at NRG are a delight to work with. They have now worked with Phyllis Tuckwell for a few years so truly understand our brand, ethos and service.  They know how to capture the essence of our work in a creative way, and show respect to the sensitive nature of our service.”

Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice | 40th Anniversary

We worked with our local charity, Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care, to produce a film that would celebrate the many volunteers, contributors and staff that have helped make a difference for the hospice for 40 years.

Across the year of 2018, we filmed a compilation of moments, from big fundraising events filled with hundreds of volunteers and locals, to those special interactions between patients and care givers. We carefully scheduled time across the year to work with the Hospice’s busy schedule, to give an insight into those unseen late night shifts, and educational and creative sessions with the patients. It was of the highest priority that our crew worked closely with the Phyllis Tuckwell team to ensure there was minimal disruption whilst gaining those emotional and touching shots that help to make this film so special, combined with hero shots of the incredible team that look after countless patients at the hospice.

Our animators adapted the Hospice’s logo into a graphical flourish that interweaves those unique moments by using rotoscoping. Combined with a carefully selected music track, we finish on a drone shot, revealing just a handful of the many volunteers from Phyllis Tuckwell rejoicing in the shape of the Hospice’s dove logo.

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