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“It was really important to capture on camera the colour palette of the Silent Pool brand, so it’s the oranges and the purples of the botanicals, the yellow in the honey… All of the ingredients are really visual.”

4 Stage Process | Silent Pool Distillers

This atmospheric film highlights what makes Silent Pool Gin ‘intricately realised’, by focusing on the 24 botanicals and how they are carefully unified. Graded to bring out the vibrancy of the botanicals and the copper of the still, the film draws attention to the unique textures and colours involved in the distilling process.

The audience’s attention is drawn to the how the Distillers achieve their uncompromised quality, by following the 4-stage process both visually and through voiceover. The combination of close and wide panning shots highlights the beauty of the botanicals, as well as the signature copper still.

“Our brief to NRG was “to create a series of films that captured the essence of the distillery, the beautiful surroundings and the intricate process involved in creating our handcrafted Silent Pool Gin.”

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