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Our work

We are very proud of our work. Here are some of our favourites...Not that we should have favourites, but we are only human after all.

Krispy Kreme | Friends Collaboration

Silent Pool | Layered Notes

Sign Health | You’re Not Alone

Amex GBT | Chicago

Magic Light | Gruffalo Birthday

Q Scaffolding | Behind the Scenes

Amex GBT | Mumbai

Loop Local | Office Tour

Cyber Defenders | Cian’s Story

Cyber Defenders | Liliana’s Story

Element X | App Film

Q Scaffolding | Brand Film

Lionel Hitchen | Brand Film

Insomnia Cookies

John Crane | 100 years


Alert Logic | SOC series

Loop Local | Process

Rentokil | Lumnia

LEK | Day in the Life

Magic Light | Gruff Life

Krispy Kreme | Personalisation

Sign Health | Domestic Abuse

Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice | Ash’s Legacy

GCCF | A Kitten’s Guide to Good Breeders

Purple | Womens Day

Silent Pool | UK Brand Film

SignHealth | Deaf Thunder

Krispy Kreme | Summer Celebration

Phyllis Tuckwell | Child Bereavement

Capita Scaling

Memiah | Bullying Awareness

SignHealth | Safety & Support

LEK | How we make an impact

Gruff Life | BTS

Exeter Cathedral | Welcome to Exeter

Wunder 2 | Product Film

Verve | How to use

Silent Pool | Box Making Film

Sign Health | Animation

Wixroyd | Brand Film

Fleet War Memorial | Centenary Film

Kennel Club Showreel | A Plethera of Dogs

Rentokil | Event Film

Wise | Marketing Animation 2022

Phyllis Tuckwell | Carl’s Story

Help for Heroes | Volunteers

Psychological Safety

Help for Heroes | Game Up

Domestic Abuse | BTS

Sign Health | Deaf Awareness Week

Deaf Thunder | BTS

Krispy Kreme | Ice Kreme Launch

Krispy Kreme | BTS

Layton Film Collection | Insight Film

Adobe | Emotion in Creativity


Sheppard Piling | Brand Film

Black Lives Matter | I am Tia

Whiteoaks International | Why work at Whiteoaks

Westminster Abbey | Education Film

Krispy Kreme | Birthday Promotion

Phyllis Tuckwell | Dash Of Colour

Virgin Atlantic | Explainer Animation

Bullying who cares | BTS

Honeywell | Proud to be British

Whiteoaks International | Jen Whiteoaks

Krispy Kreme | Xbox Collaboration

Silent Pool | Bottling Line

Phyllis Tuckwell | Legacy

Tomathon | Awareness

Silent Pool | 4 Stage Gin Process

AZ Logistics | Brand Animation

Medpharm | Facility Tour

Puroke | Evo Home Wireless Hub

Ecrebo | On Point

Net 2 Edge | Capacity for Connection

Westwood Global | Energy Animation

Operis | OAK Explainer Animation

Equinix | Google Cloud Platform

Synoptek | Explainer Animation

CBS | Virgin Office refit

Roger’s Story


Avios | Bicester Village

IBM | RSPCA partnership

Digital Edge

Blue GFX

Our World is You

Hidden Treasures

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