brand reveal

The project

To manage and run a virtual event which delivered a high energy brand reveal to remote teams

The project approach

Creating a high energy brand reveal during the Covid pandemic, was always going to be a big ask.

By utilising a green screen studio with virtual set, we were able to create a dynamic interface, accessible by the entire team across the two business which were coming together under the ‘OneTeam’ banner.

The event was a combination of live streamed, pre-recorded and “zoom’ breakout sessions, spanning two days and locations in both the UK and the USA.

We designed two separate virtual sets one for before and one for after the brand reveal, as well a face mapping action sequence for the entrance of the Global President.

Watch the event opening film below:

The project outcome

The event was a resounding success, connecting the teams globally and really bringing an energy and excitement about the launch of the new business.

Watch the day two opening film below: