Universal Robotics Webinar

The project

Take a look inside the making of Denali’s Universal Robots and AWS Automation Innovation Summit with nrg

The project approach

Two weeks prior to the event going live we received a challenge. Can we build and design a portal, manage all registrations, create all the animated assets, including an opening film.

We partnered with Phil Miller & his team at Dreamingfish to create a web stream with a three-camera setup including a panel session and three keynote speakers from Universal Robots in Denmark.

A challenge accepted from nrg!  

With all our projects, a rigorous & carefully crafted plan and timeline was put together to keep all the moving parts on track. As a team we constantly keep our clients up to date with the different aspects of the project. This is to ensure that both sides are clear at which stage the projects is at.

Over a two week period we created all the assets, registration, promotional material the animated assets to broadcast on the day and all logistics along with rehearsals and two areas within one room for the round table discussion and keynotes.

Watch the full film below:

The project outcome

The Automation Innovation Summit went live on the 20th of September. The event was a huge success and filming the webinar allowed Denali to host the event virtually from Denmark.

Thanks to NRG Digital for helping us with the Automation Innovation Summit. The behind scenes looks great!

Glen McCollum

Vice President, Marketing at Denali Advanced Integration

Watch the Behind the Scenes film below: