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How to create energy at a virtual event

image to support article about how to create energy at a virtual eventCreating energy at your virtual event

Due to the increase in virtual events, it is vital that you engage with your audience with creative and varied content. Watching keynotes speakers and seminars for 3 hours will not keep their attention. Especially whilst they are at home and the pull to pop away from the screen and put the kettle on is always there. Even if they “need” a cup of tea, you want them to come back!

There are numerous ways of engaging with delegates during your event. Audiences are increasingly expecting that wow factor. As the second in our series (click here to read the first one first) on how to deliver great virtual events, here are a few ideas on how to create energy at a virtual event:

Create an opening film.

Start your event off with the wow factor. This will set the scene and cause your audience to sit up, pay attention and be excited about the rest of the event.

Then keep the magic going….. 

Follow the rules.

Make sure that all keynote speakers have visually attractive slide decks. There is little worse than a slide with 150 words on it, or too much animation.

Encourage interaction between delegates.

Use an application that allows live chats, Q&A sessions, and polls. All these added extras keep the audience engaged.

Mobile App.

A mobile app delivers real benefit to an event. It allows the delegates to keep up to date with the running order of the day, background info on the speakers plus any notifications you need to share. Use the app to “take the temperature” of your audience. Surveys, questions and polls are great for interaction.

Maintain energy levels.

Create quality films or animations in between sessions to keep the energy and focus of attendees. These could be films created to explain company goals, achievements of the business or animations to explain company manifestos.

Have fun.

Perhaps have a soundtrack for the event, a virtual photo booth, a scavenger hunt or even bingo!

The list is limitless….. 

Keep an eye out for our next blog in the series: Carrying on the magic post event.

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