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How to Create a Successful Virtual Event

image to support article on how to organise a successful virtual eventOver the next few weeks nrg will share with you a series of blogs on virtual events, content and how to carry on the energy………

First in the series: How to Create a Successful Event Virtually 

The world has changed and so has how we create and attend, successful events. The introduction chats over coffee and croissants are a thing of the past, at least for the time being. Now it is all about which platform to use and logging into virtual chat rooms.

Organising an event was stressful enough, but Covid-19 has just made the job even harder. So how do we as event planners manage to create a virtual event that feels personal?

10 Great Tips to help you create a successful virtual event

Having attended numerous virtual events and also created a few, here a are few pointers that may help keep you on track and your sanity in check!

1. Why you are organising the event?

Who you are trying to target? Is it an internal communication piece or a networking process for new clients and audiences? This will then lead onto the feel and outcome of the event.

2. How many people are you looking to attend?

For an event for new clients it is easy to say, ‘the more the merrier.’ However, if you fall into this trap then your legitimate new clients may get lost in the crowd and be frustrated with the lack of contact with relevant members of your staff. For your business, think about numbers. Do you want to create an intimate on-line event or a more general large scale gathering?
For an internal event, are you communicating messages to the whole business or specific teams? Perhaps, look at creating break out rooms for small teams or groups and come together for company-wide updates and messages.

3. Find the right platform.

There are a number out there beyond Teams and Zoom. Some platforms you can manage yourself quite easily and others will need more assistance during the organising phase or on the day of the event itself. These platforms will allow you to brand your event and showcase your business.

4. Make sure you are technically proficient with the platform you have decided to go with.

Speak to your IT team and get them involved. If you are not confident with this, then outsource the management of the event and work with your internal team to create the required agenda and delegate lists.

5. Develop your event agenda.

Have an agenda that fits with your target audience. Use this agenda to promote your event and any speakers you may have organised.

6. Create your event content.

Creating content (opening films, animations and talking heads), for your event is crucial for engaging with your audience. Watch out for our next blog on our ideas and what works best.

7. Invite people.

Whether your event is internal or external you still need to gain attendees.  If external then promoting your event on your website, social media platforms and email sign ups work well. For an internal audience then the use of emails, intranets and general conversations will drum up interest and lead to high attendance.

8. Delegate what you can.

Keep life easy and learn to delegate. Find relevant people in the business that can support and work with you to create a fantastic event. Play to people strengths and they will be able to run with the task without having to refer back to you.

9. Keep your lines of communication open.

Keep in regular contact with all involved. For us, this means always being available to our clients, so they are in the loop. For you this could mean regular updates with your event team along with emails and promotions to engage with your employees for an internal event or social media posts for external clients.

10. Sponsors.

There are some great virtual platforms available that allow you to create virtual Exhibition Halls, where your delegates can chat with sponsors.

Keep an eye out for our next blogs in the series on creating energy for your online event and how to maintain that energy after the event is over. If you want us to notify you when they are published, click here.

For more information and to speak to the event team about how to create a successful virtual event, please give us a call 01252 717707 or email 

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