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Event Venues: The Importance Of Aligning Location With Your Brand

How many times have you turned up at a soulless conference centre or event venue and instantly felt your spirits draining away? The venue you choose for your corporate event cannot help but have an impact on how your delegates will perceive the event. So therefore it’s really important that the event organiser manages expectations and books a venue that is aligned with the brand.

Event Venues For Finance Conferences

Yesterday the nrg Digital team were at AltFi Europe Summit 2016, an event we’ve organised since its inception. In fact we’ve run a number of AltFi events over the last two years in London, New York and Sydney.

For the AltFi team, the venue has been a very important part of creating the brand for the event, aligning the venue with the target audience of delegates. As a relatively new event the venue becomes a marketing tool; helping potential attendees to understand who the event is for, and giving them an idea of what the experience will be like. Had we held them in a hotel conference venue instead, perceptions would have been very different.

Since 2014 we’ve used the following venues for these events:

  • Vinopolis, London: now sadly closed, this wine tasting and event venue in Borough Market was the ideal venue for an event focused on alternative finance, rather than hosting it in the City.
  • NASDAQ, New York: bringing alternative finance to the heart of New York’s financial district, this venue helped to take a new event straight to its target audience.
  • The Brewery, London: the former site of the Whitbread Brewery, this venue in East London is in easy reach of the Square Mile and Canary Wharf, but reflects a new generation of finance professionals.
  • Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney: on the waterfront on the historic finger wharf, this venue has views of the city skyline providing an alternative venue to the Sydney central business district for those in alternative finance.

Of course there are other considerations when choosing an event venue apart from making a great impression on your attendees. Here’s what else you need to address when deciding on where to host your next business event.

Checklist For A Great Event Venue

Location: One vital thing your delegates need is convenience. They’re not going to want to go out of their way to get to your event so take the event to them. Choose a venue that is in easy to reach for your target audience, such as our decision to use The Brewery in EC1 that offers easy access for those working in the City.

Parking and transport links: If your chosen location is out of a major city hub transportation and parking become extremely important. Delegates will want a straightforward journey to get to the venue, and one that doesn’t cost them significantly in time or money.

Capacity: Having a realistic idea of expected attendance will help you find a venue that has capacity for your event, but doesn’t feel empty either.

Budget: As with many other elements of your corporate event you’ll need to balance the books and weigh up the benefits that a more expensive venue may offer, compared to more budget options. Factors such as prestige should not be discounted; paying more for your venue could be a sound marketing strategy.

Additional services: Most venues will have a range of services they offer from event design, audio-visual, and event tech, to catering etc. Some will also only allow you to use their services, not bring an experienced team in from outside.

Connectivity: Check out what the broadband provision is like in the venues you look at, to ensure that they can offer you the service you need to run your event, at the right price. Some will offer complimentary WiFi but this may be restricted and not enough for your purposes. Remember that delegates will also want to get connected during the event, and you will want to encourage them to engage with your brand on social media and elsewhere throughout the event. If there isn’t sufficient bandwidth you can always contract an IT service provider to manage connectivity during your event, but at an additional cost.

Floor plan: finding the perfect venue is very much a case of looking at floor plans to see whether the available space will work for what you need. Consider the flow of traffic through the space, and how attendees will access the various parts of your event.

Choosing an event venue is a significant decision for event professionals, one that can have affect the outcome of the event dramatically. Get it right and delegates will arrive with high expectations, ready to get the most out of the event. Get it wrong and you might struggle to attract your target audience from the start.

nrg Digital have specific expertise in organising events in the finance sector. If you would like to discuss your next event with one of our team, please get in touch: 01252 717707 or

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