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The Wow Factor: 5 Great Technologies For Your Next Event

However prestigious or impressive your venue is, you’re missing a trick if you don’t give some thought to creating engaging environments at your event. Your delegates may be happy to file into an auditorium and be faced with a traditional setup, but will they get the most out their visit, recommend it to others, or book for your next event without you going that extra mile?

Digital event technology has opened up a world of possibilities to the event organiser. There are now numerous ways of engaging with your audience before, during and after the event; and as many events embrace these technologies, audiences are increasingly expecting that wow factor.

Top Event Technology

So what technologies can you use to create engaging environments at your next event? Here are our top 5:

    1. Mobile Apps maybe ubiquitous but they deliver real benefits to an event organiser. For the AltFi Summit 2014 we developed a simple but effective app that kept delegates up-to-date with the running order of the day, background info on the speakers, travel alerts and accommodation options near the venue. Feedback was great, with many delegates agreeing that it enhanced their experience of the event, and ensured they could manage their time effectively. Of course the possibilities for mobile apps are limitless; whether an app is developed for entertainment, educational or practical purposes they can be tailored specifically for your event and audience.
    2. Social Media is part of any build up to an event, predominately used to promote it and sell tickets. However, it also has great potential for keeping engagement levels high during the event itself. And why limit your social media engagement to individual tablets and smartphones? How about installing a Twitter wall that collates tweets using your hashtag and your Twitter handle? Delegates can ask questions, interact with each other and you can drive engagement through your own tweets: in real time!
    3. Broadcast Quality Films have immediate impact on delegates and set the tone for the event. Used like a movie trailer they not only inform your audience but create a point of discussion which can then be followed through on other platforms. We produced this film for the AltFi Summit and it had an immediate effect on delegates; anticipation for the event was heightened during the screening, a sense of inclusiveness and being part of something big was engendered, and the positive reception the first speakers received was testament to this.

    4. Near Field Communications had opened up a wealth of possibilities for the event organiser. Whether this technology is delivered using NFC wristbands or directly to an attendee’s NFC capable smartphone, it can be used for engagement and to provide real value. For example NFC is great for conducting polls, networking (NFC name tags can exchange v-cards), or for transferring resources such as additional information that a delegate requests. Of course NFC can also be used to simplify your ticketing and payment process, as well as tracking attendance through check-ins to certain areas of your event.
    5. A Bit Of Fun. We’ve used interactive music technology to provide the soundtrack for an event, but it has also created a hub of interaction and engagement for delegates. Similarly, I’ve seen a networking coffee machine that only dispenses two cups of coffee when two delegates operate the machine together and  input various information about who they are: admittedly all “a bit of fun”, but why not? 

The above five technologies are by no means the end of the story, there a multitude of other options available; for example we are currently exploring 3D mapping for a client’s next event. Context is of course very important, not all technologies are appropriate for all events. However the above 5 are a great starting point for anyone looking to engage, and wow, their audience at their next event. If you would like to discuss your event with our team, please contact us by calling 01252 629 996, emailing or by leaving a comment below.

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