Management & Production

Great events start with great planning

Authentic experiences deliver

Do you want your events to be compelling, immersive and authentic? So your audience really connects and remembers the event, and the messages, for a very long time.

Whilst logistics, accommodation and venue choice are important factors, you need to consider what you want your event to deliver, to drive the deeper audience engagement you desire. nrg’s events team, working close with our in-house creatives, deliver smooth running events with the WOW factor.

We specialise in both virtual and real world internal events, from single day to multiple days, whatever your communication needs.

Visualising your brand identity

Event identity and brand design can really set the tone for your event. Incorporating this brand into every aspect of your event, from stage design to digital displays and exhibitions, gives cohesion and continuity to your messaging. Our creative and design team work to visualise the look and feel of your event long before the event kicks off.

Nothing sets the scene and excites an audience quite like an opening film. Just like a blockbuster movie trailer, a great opening film will engage with and captures your audience right from the start.

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[it was a] full-on event and NRG were absolutely fantastic in bringing that vision alive and helping us to make it happen.
I had this vision of a really powerful and impactful opening so, with NRG, we did a video that kicked off the whole thing and it was just brilliant. The whole thing was staged, with brilliant music and this video went up and it set the tone for the whole event.

Want to enhance your event even further?

Whether it is stage & lighting design, animated digital screens, or a bespoke app, we can create an array of assets to align with your brand, driving deeper and richer engagement.

Delivering your event to people across the country, or around the world, can now be delivered using live streaming. Let them experience the energy even if they cannot be there in person!

Continuing the energy

Even when the event is over, the work continues. It is vital the energy from the event is taken back to share with colleagues. This will maximise your return on Investment. There are several post event deliverables at your disposal. Highlights film, playbooks, event photos, clips for social media and a brand book etc.

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