Management & Production

Events with the wow factor!

We pride ourselves on only running events which have the wow factor.  Specialising in real world, hybrid and virtual events, running for single to multiple days, our team does what’s needed to make sure your event is a success and your purpose lands. We partner with you to ensure your events are compelling, immersive, and authentic, leaving your audience engaged, inspired and informed.

Our approach to events is holistic and takes a lot of grit, hard work, planning, knowledge, experience and creativity. We start with a blank page, we fill it with your wishes and we build your event from the ground up. We work together to understand your need, what you want the audience to think, feel and do and then we develop the event storyline. And we plan everything. Seriously.  Everything.  Nothing is left to chance, unsaid or unspoken.

Visualising your brand identity

Our design team create the look and feel – incorporating your brand into every aspect, from stage design to digital displays and exhibitions. And that’s both ‘in real life’ or in a virtual space.

Our content strategist drafts an agenda that incorporates your messaging and the event purpose. And our film team gets involved too. Nothing sets the scene and excites an audience quite like an opening film. Just like a blockbuster movie trailer, a great opening film will wow your audience right from the start.

But a wow event isn’t just about the content, look and feel, it needs brilliance behind the scenes too and that’s where our specialist logistics team comes in. Sourcing the best locations wherever you need to be in the world, looking after your delegates and all of their logistics, lining up the very best in networking and entertainment.

Let’s Talk

Want to enhance your event even further?

We film your event and produce content you can share with other audiences. We’ll deliver an event highlight video as well, keeping the event, its purpose and messaging alive long after the final session.

Our business is truly global and that comes into its own when we create, manage and stage events around the world. We are able to call upon the nrg network of expert film, AV, production, and event professionals around the world so that each event benefits from local knowledge and support as well as the agility and expertise of our core team.

So whatever your next event – a senior management meeting, a sales convention or a business update – don’t settle for okay. Let’s talk and see how we can put the wow into your events calendar.

[it was a] full-on event and NRG were absolutely fantastic in bringing that vision alive and helping us to make it happen.
I had this vision of a really powerful and impactful opening so, with NRG, we did a video that kicked off the whole thing and it was just brilliant. The whole thing was staged, with brilliant music and this video went up and it set the tone for the whole event.