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5 ways to make your video budget go further

image to support article on vidoe budgetsHow much video have you consumed recently, both professionally and personally? We know. It’s a lot. If the latest numbers from YouTube are anything to go by, over one billion hours of video are watched daily. 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute. One thing is for sure – video isn’t going to wane in popularity or usefulness. It’s a brilliant communication method and it’s easy to deploy. So how can you make your video budget go further?

Video is not as expensive as you might think

Video is well within your reach, no matter what business you’re in. The secret of success is working smarter so that your video material works harder. Our video price guide will provide some guidance and explain what different factors impact the costs.

Here are our top tips for maximising the returns on your investment in video:

1. Shoot extra content on the day

The most significant costs of a video production are incurred on the shoot day. Not just the crew, equipment, location, presenters and so on – but also your time and that of anyone else within your organisation who is involved on the day. So, it makes sense to shoot some extra material for later use. Add a couple more questions to an interview, for example, so that the answers can be used as standalone soundbites on social media. Or film some general shots of people at work for possible future use in a recruitment video.

2. Re-edit video content

In post-production there can be lots of opportunities to re-edit your final film – or footage that’s on the cutting-room floor – to create more assets. For example, if you’re filming a case study, you can also create short testimonials identifying the key qualities that stand out for your client. And once you have several testimonials, re-edit them into a compilation video showcasing what your clients say about you. Similarly, explainer videos can be re-edited to create targeted clips about your product features that can be used in different areas of your website or on social media.

3. Think ‘behind the scenes’

Customers love behind-the-scenes content – they want to see the people behind your brand. So if you’re shooting a video, capture some behind-the-scenes footage at the same time to drive organic engagement – and save money on media spend.

4. Add user-generated content

One of the best ways to make your video budget go further is through using user-generated content. This type of content can be useful when it comes to building trust and authenticity. It can also help reduce costs. Think about encouraging customers or staff to contribute video content that can be edited with branded content to create an engaging video. For example, you could include user-generated content of employees discussing what they like about working for your organisation in an employer brand video. Your video production company can then focus on creating content that requires high production values and creativity, while user-generated content can introduce a layer of authenticity as well as deliver cost savings.

5. Promote content proactively

Proactive promotion is a crucial element of any video. You can get more value by sharing your content on more social media channels, for example, or sharing it more frequently. Encouraging your customers or staff to engage with the content can also drive organic views.

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