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Why & how to incorporate design into your marketing campaigns

animation to support article about design workDesign is an extremely powerful tool in today’s world. We see it everywhere from the logos of our favourite brands to the clothes we wear and even the content we watch on our devices. Design is such an important element that we should all be aware of its impact. So why should you incorporate design into your campaigns and how should you go about doing this?


Design can be found in almost every part of our lives. We as consumers, tend to take in a lot at first glance but if you take a moment to look again, you will start to understand why design is so vital to a successful campaign.

Take for example, a trip to the shops, something we can all relate to. You’re looking for a sweet treat among the vast array of options in front of you; there are too many to choose from! One catches your eye. Did the colours stand out or was it a recognisable logo? Nevertheless, design played a part in that choice even if you as a consumer are not aware of it.

This is just a small insight as to why design is so important, not just to campaigns but to branding, social media, and many other forms of communication.  People are visual creatures, and we make decisions based on how things appear around us.


The way you layout communications will have an impact on who will read them and who won’t; as much as the colour of a logo can change perception of a brand.

Let’s look at the layout of assets such as blogs or brochures. You may be thinking “but design doesn’t come in to play here”, however it really does. The way you create a blog, or a brochure will have an impact on how the consumer approaches it. We can all relate to the boring textbooks which seem to have never ending rows of words, almost making them painful to read.

When thinking of design in terms of communications it’s important to think about readability, imagery and spacing. All of these things in combination allow text to become easier to read and even more interesting.

So essentially, every piece of content that you create, needs an element of design in order to make the most out of it.

You can have great content, but without great design, you won’t have great impact.


So, we have covered why design is a great tool to add to your campaigning and what you should be using it for, so now let’s talk about how you go about this.

Design comes in many forms, so to narrow it down, here are some questions to think about:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • How many people do I want to reach?
  • What message am I trying to convey?
  • What’s my budget?

By starting with these simple questions, you will quickly narrow down the kind of design approach you should take.

Okay, so you have answered the questions above and you have some content ideas for your campaign, now what do you do?

  • Find out what resonates with your audience by researching existing content in similar campaigns, for similar audiences and think about how these approaches may work for you.
  • Understand and utilise the underlying story of the brand to inform the direction of your designs.

Once you have figured out the right approach then all that’s left is to start creating your design elements to give your campaigns a boost!


For more information about how to design assets to complement your campaigns, please give us a call on 01252 717707 or email

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