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How to add social media in your internal communications

image to support red thread in cats cradleA Red Thread in a Cat’s Cradle.

There are so many channels for today’s Internal Communications (IC) professional to use. It is a little like being a small child in an old-fashioned sweet shop. From the traditional to the modern, face to face to written, broadcast to digital.  We need to add to that the potential of influencers, going viral, hashtags and trending. And, when we consider that there are 3.8 billion social media users today who on average spend 144 minutes every day cruising their channels.

It is unsurprising that so many ICs are working to add social media and digital into their corporate mix.

Looking to add Social Media to your comms? How to get started!

Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling…….

1. Know your audience.

And remember, just because they spent the weekend learning a tiktok dance with their daughter, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be comfortable to receive a business communication on tiktok!

2. Channel impact.

Measuring how your channels work and cutting that by the type of message and ideally including audience segmentation as well is invaluable. Knowing how each channel impacts your audience will enable truly effective IC.

3. Make it sweat.

Just because you’ve sent a piece of content down one particular channel, doesn’t mean it stays in just one channel. Reuse your content and shoot it down appropriate, additional channels.  Making your content sweat will reenforce messages and desired behaviours.

4. Citizen Journalism.

As you integrate digital and social media channels into your IC program don’t overlook the role your colleagues can play in its success.  Take the time to look at and update your social media policy. Provide colleagues with easy-to-use copy and content that is both words and pictures. Make it easy for them to look great on their digital and social media channels as they bring your business PRIDE to life.

Be the red thread. There’s no doubt about it, digital and social media are exciting channels to explore, use and test. But add them to the mix of existing channels and platforms and you have yourself a corporate cat’s cradle.  It is the absolute responsibility of the IC to be the red thread. The constant that maintains order to ensure effectiveness and creativity to guarantee success.

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