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How to communicate effectively with remote workers

image to support article on how to communicate effectively with remote workersCommunicating with remote workers

Now more than ever, being able to communicate effectively with remote workers is essential to keeping your employees motivated and engaged.

2020 was tough and with 2021 starting with a full lockdown, the challenges are here to stay. There are no two ways about it. Whether you were already embracing remote working or had to shift your working practices completely, keeping your workers up to date was, and still is, fundamentally important to keep your business functioning.

So, how do you stay connected when you can’t be together?

Our top 3 tips to make it work.

1. Work with what you’ve got    another image to support article about how to communicate effectively with remote workers

You’ll see lots of blogs chat about Microsoft Teams or Slack. These options are great if you have them, but not everyone does. So, look at:

  • Where your engagement is?
  • Where your colleagues socialise?
  • Take note of their feedback when you do send out comms.

Zoom is great and all, but don’t overuse it (we’ve all been there, trust us).

2. Mix it up!

Whilst it’s great to have visibility of leadership and understand decisions that are being taken to keep everyone safe and keep the business going, often workers will disconnect.

Add to the general updates with colleague stories:

  • Is anyone volunteering, fundraising or actively supporting their community?
  • Has anyone gone above and beyond to deliver a project? Let them deliver the update themselves if they want to, either live, pre-recorded or in another creative way.
  • Consider updates from leadership being communicated by line or department managers instead so that they can tailor the message and make it relevant to the team.
  • And why not throw in some surveys to understand what your employees want to hear about.

3. Choose the best channel for what you want to sayvideo calls can be a highly effective way to communicate with remote workers

If you try and hit every point of contact with every message, something will be missed or lost in translation.

  • Keep it simple. Do you want to start a discussion?
  • Use your chat or intranet forums.
  • Do you want to push a message from your CEO? Perhaps email is the best vehicle for that.
  • A large portion of your workforce don’t have access to email or mobile devices? Why not create and mail out a monthly newsletter chocked full of business and colleague updates? The possibilities are endless if you work smart.

Did we miss anything? What’s your number one method of communicating effectively with your remote workers?

If you would like further advice on your internal comms plans, please get in touch. We’d be happy to chat with you about how we can work with you to create engaging content.  Call 01252 717707 or email


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