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Storytelling for the financial industry

piggy bankEveryone has a story to tell

Unlike products and services in ‘softer’ industries, the financial industry might not seem like the natural place to use storytelling in your internal communications or external marketing.

But, if you want your message to be memorable, engaging and inspiring, there’s nothing that taps into the emotions of your audience like telling a story.

There are compelling stories to tell literally anywhere

“Inside every brand and ever company there lurks a story. It doesn’t have to be invented – just revealed. And once revealed and released, it can unify, promote and celebrate its subject.” – Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP.

Here at nrg, we love nothing better than revealing and releasing your stories… in all their glory.

We are masters at supporting you while you excavate and piece together your stories, to inspire and engage your internal or external audiences.

megaphoneHow can you use storytelling?

“The companies of the future won’t rise or fall on their products alone, but on the strength of the stories they can tell – about themselves, their customers, and the world.” – Beth Comstock, Former Vice Chair, General Electric.

Whether you’re bringing your brand or products to life for your clients, or promoting a new scheme, idea or culture within your organisation: Storytelling, through video, animation, and design is the most powerful weapon in your armoury. Who doesn’t love a good story? We at nrg know that you have literally thousands of good stories to tell, and we love nothing better than supporting you in telling them.

How we work with you

We work with you by understanding your brief, and proposing new, exciting creative options with your story at the core. We can also work with you to unearth untold stories through our own research, by asking the right questions, and conducting interviews and focus groups.

Our team at nrg includes former documentary makers, broadcast journalists and writers who raison d’etre is how to discover and tell an engrossing story. They work with the rest of our team of creatives, editors, designers and animators to bring your stories to life in the most captivating way.

Examples of storytelling in the financial industry

Every form of great storytelling must be human. And it’s human stories that are accessible and memorable. Stories make information personal, and evoke emotion and goodwill in a way that other forms of content don’t.

In a world dominated by data, assets and analytics, you may think it is hard to find a human story. But, from our years of experience working with clients in the financial sector, we know they are out there. And if they’re told in the right way, they can have a huge impact on your audience.

How we have supported financial industry clients through storytelling

Award-winning financial industry storytelling

This year, we won an Institute of Internal Communications national award for assisting our client, a global bank, to tell their story of “gamification” between technology teams, using live action filming and user-generated content. We were proud to share the award with our client for best change/transformation communication and best engagement programme. We were able to show colleagues around the world actively engaging in an exciting and innovative challenge. Showing how healthy competition can be brilliant for motivating, rewarding and bringing fun and enjoyment into solving business problems as a team.

Inspiring stories

For another client, we developed a motivating series highlighting inspirational career stories across the organisation. We did this to show colleagues what is possible, and how they can maximise their career goals and aspirations.

Strategic storytelling

In a ground-breaking series, using a hand-held, on the shoulder documentary style, we followed a member of the senior leadership team as he made his way around the organisation. They met colleagues, and unearthed the human stories of colleagues and customers along the way. All the while, sharing strategy in action… an example of bold strategic storytelling.

Inspiring culture change

financial storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful way to inspire culture change – something that’s historically very difficult to achieve. These stories ‘tell’, but through visual storytelling, they also ‘show’. Show the ideal, show the way forward, show what’s possible in the new world. We have worked on many internal communication projects, with financial industry clients to stimulate and encourage a shift in culture.

Stories in product marketing

In the retail-banking sector, and mindful of consumer protection regulations, almost all products lend themselves to human storytelling. We have worked alongside clients to tell some of the most powerful real-life customer stories. For example, showing how some products, like life insurance and mortgage protection, can be truly life changing. Whilst not necessarily appropriate for external marketing, these kinds of stories can be very motivating for internal sales teams.

We know you have remarkable stories to tell.

Can we support you in telling them?

If you would like further advice on creating brand videos to tell your stories, please get in touch. We’d be happy to discuss the stories behind your brand and help you engage with customers on an emotional level. Call 01252 717 707 or email

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