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Storytelling for the technology industry

image of tablet and phone to support article about why technology companies should use storytelling as part of their marketing mixWhy Technology brands should use storytelling

Everyone is always thinking about their USPs: what makes them stand out from the crowd? The most popular USP we come across with our clients is ‘The Team.’ “People like to work with us, we support our clients and pride ourselves on customer service and support.” Many businesses now also have a great start up story. Be it a family business that is steeped in tradition or a group of friends who have created new technology, they all have a great story to tell. One of the great things about being a video production company is discovering these stories behind the brand. Technology companies are no exception. But why use storytelling?  Here are a few ideas of how to discover stories your customers will engage with.

1. Stories help to build the brand

You need a strong brand. One that stands out from the crowd. A strong brand enables your consumers to distinguish your products or service from that of your competitors. The result is giving your customers comfort, happiness, and satisfaction.

We are now spoilt for choice when choosing technology hardware and software. You can explain in detail all about what the technology has to offer, but invariably your end consumer may not technically understand in detail and will chose on customer service and brand loyalty along with the relationship they have with the sales team.

There will obviously be an element of price in the decision-making process, but also in feeling about products and brands. Perhaps it’s because they have always bought a particular brand or that’s what they grew up with.

In fact, often these feelings will override practical considerations like price.

2. Stories prove you understand your clients’ needs

Therefore, knowing what customers are looking for on an emotional level from the technology they chose is especially important. When you know this, you can create engaging stories that help your potential customer choose between your brand and your competitors.

3. Stories are remembered

You grew up being told stories by your parents. Stories you remember to this day. Stories are far more effective at helping people remember information than any other tool.

4. Stories will connect with your customers

Using the correct narrative in your storytelling you can connect with your prospective clients and cause then to engage and connect with your ethos and company values.

5. Stories help to sell your product

Create a story that tells your Why? Go back to the start as to what caused you to develop your product. Tell an authentic brand story, understand your audience and be consistent.

Four story types technology companies can use

Here are a few ideas of how to do it:

1. Your history

You do not need to have been in business for over 100 years to base your brand story around your history. The reasons your company was formed, its ethos and values will all be important factors for engaging customers and making your products stand out. Many technology businesses have been created because their founders are passionate about their products, doing things differently or plugging a gap in the market. These stories will help your business differentiate itself and encourage customers to try your products. Then it’s down to you to deliver a product they’ll come back for.

2. Your values

Consumers are increasingly making buying decisions based on, for example, ethical considerations. Why buy a product from a company with no interest in having a positive impact socially or environmentally when a similarly priced product does? Stories about how you deliver on your values can be highly effective and will be remembered.

Customers may also be prepared to pay more for your product if they believe you share their values, which is why you need to tell them, so they know that buying your product is having an impact.

3. Your peoplestorytelling is a tremendously powerful part of the marketing mix for technology companies. this is an image to support the blog post

As well as your founders, the people who produce your technology products and sell are also a great source for creating brand stories. Think about how they enhance your brand and whether these stories will appeal to your customers too.

  1. Why do they work for your business?
  2. What does their role add to your products/services?
  3. Do they have any hints or tips for your customers?

4. Your customers

Ask yourself what is it about your brand that appeals to customers? These motivating factors can provide lots of inspiration for stories that your customers will identify with and aspire to.

  1. Why did they choose you?
  2. Why do they continue to use you?
  3. What’s the thing they perceive as the best thing about your business?

Video is a great tool for storytelling, but not the only one. Once you’ve identified your stories, using them consistently across all your marketing can be highly emotive and engaging, helping customers make that buying decision and experience your products for themselves.

If you would like further advice on why technology brands should use storytelling, please get in touch. We’d be happy to discuss the stories behind your brand and help you engage with customers on an emotional level. Call 01252 717707 or email

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