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The best way to share end of year results with your team

image supporting article on best ways to share end of year resultsEnd of year results are a fantastic way of sharing company news, giving employees an overview of the company situation, as a whole, and a way to further promote your employer brand to the company. However, they can be rather long and number heavy.
Maybe it’s time to ditch the text altogether. The best way to share end of year results with your team is through video.

Why video is the best medium for end of year results

The stats prove it

This isn’t a new idea and there are plenty of stats out there to demonstrate how much more effective video can be than text in company communication. A survey from Melcrum reported that from over 1,200 respondents, 93% believed that video had become an important part of internal comms. Research from Digital HR also found that:

  • Employees are likely to retain 95% of a message when they watch a video.
  • 93% of internal communicators believe video is a crucial tool.
  • 59% of executives would rather watch video than read text.

Imagery is more stimulating

This is hardly a surprise. Using colour, motion and music in videos is far more stimulating to the senses and allows the filmmaker to imbue some sense of narrative and emotion in the video. Sensory engagement, stories and emotion add up to greater engagement than what’s possible in a purely textual format.
Not only will end of year results be more comprehensible to your team, but positive responses to videos can help boost morale and team cohesion. Good news is great for productivity, so make sure you shout about it. It can be hard for people to translate financial reports and graphs into qualitative judgements, so make it clear if you’ve had a good year.

Make senior management more visible

You can even feature your CEO or upper management in the video. Such senior figures can appear distant to employees in big companies, so make sure they can put a face to a name.
Also, don’t miss the opportunity to really press home your employer brand through your end of year video. Quality, budget, smooth graphics, and branding will boost the profile of your company amongst your employees. Don’t be scared to show off and remind them why they want to work for you!

How to make a brilliant end of year results video

So you’ve decided to put on a real showstopper of a video for your end of year results. Or maybe you’re looking to spice up your current corporate video. How will you go about shooting a video that’s slick, concise, entertaining and informative all at once?
You’ll be unsurprised to learn that at nrg, we know a thing or two about shooting great corporate videos. But remember, this is internal comms. Here’s a few tips:

  • Drop the hard sell
  • Make sure it is friendly, informative
  • Don’t pander.

An internal comms video that strikes the wrong tone can run the risk of alienating staff, rather than building team cohesion.
We’ve touched on a few of the elements that make video a great way to communicate with your employees. There’s the stylistic elements of music, graphics, etc. But most important is telling a story.

At the end of the day, film making is an art, and while it’s possible to learn the basics quickly, it takes a lifetime to master. If you want to take your corporate videos the next level, come to the professionals. Email us at or call on 01252 717707. Our portfolio page can be found here:

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