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Visual communications and getting more bang for your buck

In the current climate with many companies having to tighten their belts, the marketing department often sees cutbacks. Campaign plans made in the New Year, perhaps including commissioning new visual communications and brand videos, may have been shelved or downgraded. As marketers, you need to find ways of getting their message across with less money to play with.

Of course, your marketing team are also under pressure to show results and save the day! No easy challenge when budgets are cut and there’s an economic downturn.

So what options are there for the cash strapped marketing department?

We recommend revisiting some of your past campaigns. Looking at existing content to find opportunities to get more out of it for a fraction of the cost of a new brand video or digital campaign.

Even if your marketing budget hasn’t suffered adversely during the pandemic, reshaping existing video footage is great way of boosting ROI and doing more with your brand messaging and visual communications.

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3 ways to repurpose your video content

Generally, a video is the most complex form of visual content to create. But it’s also the content that’s likely to deliver the greatest ROI as it’s proven to be more engaging for consumers. It’s more likely to result in a change of behaviour: i.e. your target audience takes an action based on your video content.

As it’s more complex than other forms of content, it tends to lend itself well to being repurposed in multiple ways. Here are just a few ideas of how you can repurpose your video communications.

  1. Create social media clips

All sorts of brand videos can be reedited and condensed into short clips for social media. Take for example a corporate video containing interviews with your leadership team, employees and a few customer testimonials. Multiple soundbites can be easily created from a 3-5 minute brand video for using on different social media channels, and for different purposes. How about:

  • Using a short clip of an employee talking about your company values as part of a social recruitment campaign?
  • Repurposing a customer testimonial with brand imagery to really inspire your target audience?
  • Creating a series of snapshots exploring different areas of your business, all from the existing content?

When we’re commissioned to produce new brand videos for our customers we always plan our shoots with social media in mind so it’s easy to create additional video assets from the footage.

2. Identify stills that can be used in new campaigns

Within your video content there are numerous frames that could be used as still images for all kinds of visual communications. There are two key advantages to repurposing your content in this way.

  1. Saves money. No need to commission a photo shoot to get a bank of branded imagery.
  2. Brand consistency. By pulling stills from your video content you’ll preserve the style and feel of your branded content across other assets.

You can use these images on your website, on social media, in presentations and on all sorts of other marketing and sales content. You can also use these images in new campaigns with repurposed video clips and new messaging.

If you have animated content you can use stills from this content to create new graphics. For example, an explainer video could be converted into an infographic using the content from the existing video.

3. Create a targeted advert on Adsmart

TV advertising is not as expensive and out of reach as you may think. AdSmart has changed the playing field, creating opportunities for SMBs to get their adverts broadcast to highly targeted audiences.

We recently helped Silent Pool Distillers do exactly that. Using the content we shot back in 2018 for their website and social media, we repurposed the video to create a 30 second advert and placed it on Sky AdSmart. This resulted in a staggering 80% uplift in sales!

Unlike traditional TV advertising where you need to choose what channel, what time of day, or what programme your ad is shown during. AdSmart works on a target audience model. You choose the audience you want your ad to be shown to, and your ad is only played when they’re watching.

Audience targeting can be location based (by postcode, region, local authority etc.); and / or attribute based such as home owners, pet owners, parents of children of a specific age, spending power etc. AdSmart can also target senior decision makers by identifying company owners or directors of limited companies, making B2B TV advertising a possibility for many SMBs.

Another compelling reason to explore AdSmart is that you only pay for impressions, and only when a viewer watches 75% of your ad at the normal speed (i.e. not fast-forwarding through the ads). Sky’s AdSmart campaigns start at £3,000 and can be adjusted for your budget in the same way other digital advertising activities can.

What can you do with your existing content?

We hope you now have a few ideas of how you can repurpose existing video content to make it work harder for your business.

Even if you’re in a position to commission new video marketing campaigns it’s worth considering how footage can be used across different channels and build these options into your video brief.

If you would like further ideas on ways to repurpose your video content or would like to discuss running an AdSmart campaign, we’d be happy to chat through your options.

Email us at or call on 01252 717707. Our portfolio page can be also found here:

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