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Digital Trends #4: Bring More To The Table

What do you do? “We create compelling branded video and animation content that inspires audiences and elevates brands.”

Let’s face it, few digital agencies can survive if they only did exactly what it says on the tin. Yes, we create video and animation content. Yes, it inspires audiences. Yes, it elevates brands. But we also do so much more that doesn’t fit nicely into a strapline or mission statement, and doesn’t appear itemised on our clients’ invoices!

Digital trend #4 in this blog series is about adding value. We couldn’t compete with the smaller outfits who are on a race to the bottom when it comes to pricing, without delivering much more than they can. But clients want to know how much it’s going to cost before they commission video content, so we need to show early on the value they get from working with us rather than a low cost video production company.

Where’s the value in video production?

First off let’s discuss quality and production values. Opting for a low cost solution is highly likely to compromise the quality of the final video content. That might be OK. If you’re creating content with a sell-by-date such as an internal comms video that’s only going to be seen for a short amount of time, it might not need to be broadcast quality.

However, if you’re creating content to attract potential employees to the company or marketing content that’s aimed at discerning customers, production values start to matter a lot more.

Experience counts for a lot too. Developing a storyline that’s going to engage viewers effectively and get them to act or change their behaviour (such as buying your product) needs some skill and creativity! That’s not to say that a ‘one man band’ doesn’t have the talent, but an agency with a team of creatives and technicians bring a multitude of skills and experience to the table.

Still, these differentiating factors aren’t always enough to convince budget holders to focus on value over costs. But there are other ways agencies like NRG add further value:

Focusing on objectives and solutions (not selling a video): at the end of the day a video has to deliver something – increased sales, better engagement with L&D content, brand awareness etc. We don’t sell videos, we sell solutions that deliver these outcomes. If your video production company is talking along these lines, you’re on the right track.

Showing clients how to get more from video content: branded videos and animations are only effective if they’re given the right distribution. We help our clients identify the platforms and activities needed to get their video content in front of their audience and how to ensure they click ‘play’. Even internal comms videos need this support – sending employees a link to a video is often not enough – so we’ll recommend ways to get engagement and positive outcomes.

Delivering more than just a video: there are many opportunities to repurpose video content and animations to engage audiences. That could be providing short clips for social media, stills for using across marketing content, even graphics (from animations) for branding other assets. Don’t be afraid to ask for more!

Shooting additional footage: there may also be opportunities to fit in footage for other video content. For example, if you’ve pinned down the CEO to provide a few soundbites for a corporate video, what about taking the opportunity to get a few words about a specific product or a message to staff at the same time?  We try and help our clients think about how they can get the most out of shoot by banking footage for other content too.

If you’re having a job convincing budget holders to focus on what you get for your money, not the cheapest option, point them in the direction of this blog post. Or watch the video below where some of our clients talk about the value they get from working with us.

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