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Digital Trends #1: More For The Same

Have you seen an increase in video budgets in recent month? No, neither have I. In fact what I’m seeing, and many of my colleagues in other digital agencies will have first-hand experience of this, is clients wanting more for the same. Budgets have been squeezed and commissioners are under pressure to get more value from the same amount of money they spent last year, and the year before that.

It’s a challenge for agency owners like myself. We don’t want to disappoint, but we also need to be profitable. Ultimately I want to create some great work for my clients and go above and beyond to meet their requirements, but I’ve also got to pay my team and project costs.

However, with a bit of creatively we are, in many cases, doing more for the same. In fact, we’ve been talking to clients about how they can get more value from their video content for some time.

When you commission a video is doesn’t have to be a 2 or 3 minute film that exists forevermore as a single unit. The content that’s shot to create a 2 minute brand film or explainer video, could be used to create a variety of other content at a fraction of the cost of shooting several individual assets.

That’s been my approach at NRG. We always look to see what other opportunities there are to create content that helps our clients to be more successful.  Whether working with inhouse marketing or comms teams, or with agency clients, we try to look beyond the brief to identify how the content we create can be used in multiple ways. Below are a few examples of how this can be achieved:

Video Content – How To Get More For The Same

  1. Shoot more content on the day

The most significant costs incurred in a video production are on the shoot day. These costs are not just the crew, equipment, location, actors / presenters etc.; but also your time and that of anyone else within your organisation that is involved on the day.

So if you have the opportunity to shoot more, for example by throwing in an extra question or two in an interview to be used as a standalone soundbite on social media, speak your video agency about finding time for additional content.

  1. Re-editing video content

In post-production there can be numerous opportunities to re-edit your final film (or footage that’s on the cutting room floor) to create more assets. For example, if you’re filming a case study you can also create short testimonials identifying the key qualities that stand out for your client. Or an explainer videos can be re-edited to create targeted clips about your product features that can be used in different areas of your website or on social media.

  1. Behind-the-scenes video

Time and time again customers have been shown to really engage with behind-the-scenes content, they want to see the people behind the brand. If you’re shooting a video, shoot a behind-the-scenes at the same time to drive organic engagement (and save money on media spend).

  1. Add user-gen content into the mix

User generated content has its place and is an important tool for building trust and authenticity. It can also help reduce costs. There may be opportunities to encourage customers or staff to contribute video content that can be edited with branded content to create an engaging video. For example, you could include user gen content of employees talking about what they like about working for your organisation in an employer brand video. Your video production company can then focus on creating content that requires high production values and creativity, while user-gen content can introduce a layer of authenticity as well as deliver cost savings.

  1. Promote content proactively

Finally, getting more for the same should also be about getting results. That means getting your video content exposure by promoting it proactively. More value could be obtained simply by sharing content on more channels, more frequently, or by encouraging your customers or staff to engage with the content and drive organic views.

If you would like to discuss video budgets and how we can help you get more value from your digital assets, please get in touch.

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