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5 engaging explainer animations from Fintech companies

Here at NRG our clients come from various sectors including technology and financial services. Sometimes these clients fall into the category of ‘Fintech’ companies, merging financial services with technology; these Fintech clients often come to us for ‘explainer’ animated video content.

Fintech companies find that animated videos are a great way to communicate what a product does, the key benefits to their customers, and how to get started with their product. Animation is also ideally suited to explaining concepts and ideas that can be complex and hard to understand. Animators can make anything happen, which means that we can be highly creative in the way we communicate different messages and explain difficult concepts.

Explainer video content is not just about sharing how a product works or the key benefits for customers; it can also be about how the idea for a Fintech brand came about, or explain an important concept that relates to a product.  Our creative team spends a lot of time watching videos and films, and exploring what marketers in the Fintech sector are doing. We take inspiration from all kinds of places, such as the latest cinematic releases to trends on social media. It all helps us create engaging content that helps our clients’ customers make important decisions about their products.

Below are 5 videos that demonstrate the different ways animated explainer videos can be used to communicate with customers; I hope you find these inspiring. If you have any questions about using animated videos successfully please get in touch – call 01252 717707 or email me here.

  1. NET2Edge explainer video

This video animation created for NET2EDGE by NRG is a good example of how an animation can set out the challenges your target customers face, and your solution addresses these issues. It identifies the target customer from the offset and explores their challenges, then clearly explains how the product works and the benefit to customers:

NET2EDGE | 3D Animation from NRG Digital Group on Vimeo.

  1. TransferWise story

Explaining your company story is a great way to get engagement with your target customers as this animated video from TransferWise demonstrates:

Atom Bank short explainer clips

Atom Bank is using short animated videos (sometimes only 20-30 seconds long) across their brand to help customers access their products. The clip below explains how to set up biometric security:

  1. PayPal step-by-step

Sometimes explaining how a product works step-by-step can be used as a sales tool. PayPal’s ‘How PayPal works’ does exactly that, demonstrating how easy and secure it is to use:

  1. Nutmeg informative content

In this example Nutmeg, an online wealth management company, explain the basics of pensions rather than how the business works. It’s a useful hook to get engagement from customers who are at the ‘attract’ stage of the marketing funnel:

These examples demonstrate the various approaches that can be taken with explainer animations. From providing a comprehensive overview of how a product benefits your customers, ‘our story’ style content, mini-clips exploring aspects of a product, step-by-steps and informative content explaining different options.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the above in detail or click here for more examples of animation / explainer style video content.

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