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Using Creative Video Content To Humanise Technology Solutions

Conveying what a SaaS product does succinctly is not easy. Especially if you’re communicating with customers who perhaps don’t have a clue what your product does behind the user interface. Therefore it is essential to speak to prospects and customers in a way they understand.

One approach is to stop thinking about software as a product that gets marketed for its powerful capabilities, and instead think about it as a service that is marketed for how it solves problems and delivers results for users. The acronym SaaS underlines this. Software as a Service is not about a product, it’s about service.

Once we start thinking about the service aspect of a technology product, it becomes much easier to relate to prospects and share a message they understand. A really effective way to do this is with video content.

Video Content For Each Stage Of The SaaS Marketing Funnel

Let’s have a look how we can use service to sell technology products through video marketing.

Videos to attract and engage prospects: the first step is to attract prospects. That means you need to understand who they are, what their requirements are, what their challenges are, and how your technology product will help. The emphasis is on the word help – your product is a service that will help them.

With this information you can really talk to your customers in a way that engages them. It’s not about the product; it’s about what your service can do for them. In fact, many successful SaaS marketing videos don’t even feature the product. Instead they use people to communicate what’s important – what’s important to prospects, not what’s important about the product.

Some successful marketing videos use animated characters to get across the concept of a SaaS solution, others use real people. Either way, it is the human aspect of the video that really helps to demonstrate the service angle and engage prospects. After all your prospects are human, not computers!

Videos customer testimonials: having attracted prospects to your solution, they will want to validate what you say about your product. Stats and figures demonstrating ROI are great, but real customers talking about what the product has done for their business in real terms are even better.

Many technology companies are using customer testimonials and case studies very effectively; providing short video clips on social media and on websites to explain why customers have chosen their solution, and the positive results those customers are enjoying. There’s no need to have any content that actually shows the product. A talking head is far more engaging than a screenshot of software in action!

Customer service videos: a key concern for many B2B customers is “what happens if I need support?” Many customers buy SaaS solutions without ever speaking to a sales person. However, if something goes wrong or if they need help using your tool, they’ll want to speak to a person not a bot.

A great way to provide reassurance that real people man your customer support is to feature them in a video. Explainer-style video content of how to use the functionality of the SaaS product can be created with real customer services people providing the support. FAQs can be answered with short clips mixing up step-by-step instructions with more personable, friendly support. This kind of content is a great opportunity to engage and convert prospects that are exploring your product, as well as provide useful self-serve support for existing customers.

My advice for anyone thinking about creating video content to market technology software or SaaS solutions is to think about ways to make it more human. Whether that’s creating animated characters to explain the concept and walk prospects through the product, or using real people – customers, employees, or actors – that’s what will engage your audience and make your product more relatable.

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