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How Video Fits Into The Marketing Funnel

Here at NRG Digital our focus is on creating inspiring video content that first captures your audiences’ attention, keeps them engaged and interested, and then inspires them to take action. But this process is part of a larger marketing and sales process; and so the action and results you will want from your video production will depend on where it sits in this marketing-to-sales funnel.

There are numerous articles about how consumers have changed the way they buy – I’ve written some of them! On average buyers are almost 60% of the way through the sales process before they contact a business directly. They are researching the problem, challenge or need they have, identifying potential solutions and products, weighing up the pros and cons, deciding which suppliers or vendors they like the look of, and only then are they ready to pick up the phone, ping you an email, or walk into a shop.

Unlike certain types of content marketing such as blog posts and articles like this one, video doesn’t have any specific place in the marketing funnel. It can be used in the awareness phase – when prospects are searching for solutions or inspiration. The consideration phase – where prospects assess their options and identify the type of product or service that will give them the benefits they want. And finally the decision phase – when prospects become buyers, deciding on a specific product to buy, or company to work with.

It can also be part of post-sale funnel, designed to retain customers, upsell other products or services, and encourage recommendations and referrals.

Below I outline the type of video content your organisation needs for every stage of the marketing funnel

Video Content For Awareness

Video for the awareness / attraction stage of the marketing funnel, is not about selling a specific product or service. Instead it’s about creating interest in your brand, a concept, or a story. Typically buyers who are in this research phase will be searching online using keywords in search engines like Google, browsing social media platforms, or visiting specialist websites that explore their interests or the subject matter in detail.

If it’s to compete with the vast amount of content already out there, your video will have to stand out by using content that intrigues, excites and attracts. Fortunately the medium of video is good at this, especially when compared to a lengthy article or webpage. You can deliver a lot of information, and inspiration in just 2-3 minutes.

To attract prospects and raise awareness of your brand, create video content that reflects their values, motivations and challenges; the qualities that your brand shares that will resonate most with them.

Other video content you can create at this stage will answer their questions. This isn’t about explaining how your product or service works, but about explaining questions they have about the subject they are searching for. For example, “what’s the difference between video marketing and video advertising?” You can use these explainer videos to help them self-qualify and decide whether they need your product or services, and to build trust by providing them with the answers they need.

Video Content For Consideration

If the prospect has moved on to this stage of the funnel and is still with you, they’ve now got a clearer idea about what they want or need and want to understand more about the benefits of each option. This is where more product or service specific video content fits in.

They may also have also moved from watching videos on social media or in the search results, to exploring your video content on your website or dedicated social media platforms – such as your YouTube playlists.

Here you can explore the key benefits of your solution compared to other options. Case studies are good at this point; these provide social proof for your product or service. Telling your customers’ stories helps prospects to relate to your brand, creates an emotional connection and inspires them with a story they can empathise with.

At the same time you video content should continue to share your brand values and your company culture, essentially giving prospects reasons to want to work with you, buy from you, and want to be part of your story.

Video Content For Decisions

By now the prospect has probably decided that they need a product or service that you sell – but who should they buy it from? For this you need video content that helps to differentiate your business from the competition and also builds customer relationships.

Video content should give prospects a taste of what it’s like to use your product or services, how easy it is to work with you, and what great after sales support you deliver. Depending on what you’re selling there may be questions you can answer about the on boarding or implementation process, and explainer content showing how to use the product, or different aspects of it.

For B2B sales there can be many decision makers involved in the sales process and any one of them might stall a deal just as you’re about to close. Video content that addresses key decision makers, their concerns and drivers, can provide the answers to questions or challenges they may have. Making your business stand out from competitors.

Building a knowledge bank of videos for your existing customers is also a great idea as it not only helps customers use your product or services effectively – reducing support calls and dissatisfied customers – but also shows prospects what to expect and the additional value you offer your customers.



This may all sound like a lot of video content to create to ensure your marketing funnel is fully stocked! It is. However there are ways of streamlining the video production process to get more out of your budget and save time.

Getting the basics done, such as a great case study, an inspiring brand video, and a comprehensive explainer video, provides content that can be reused and repositioned for different stages of the funnel. For example by, creating short clips for social media or using an extract from a case study interview to explain how straightforward your on boarding process is.

Planning your video content in this way delivers a greater ROI and creates a range of content that helps push your prospects towards the sale.

Give me a call if you would like to discuss any of the content above in more detail, or to talk through your own video content requirements. Call +44 (0)1252 717707 or email


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