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What Makes A Great Corporate Video?

When it comes to producing corporate videos, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that corporate videos are a specific genre that must conform to a certain format and style. Not so. While many of the corporate videos out there do stick to a generic template, yours doesn’t have to.

In fact by mixing it up, taking inspiration from other genres such as film, music videos, gaming or TV advertising, it is possible to create corporate videos that truly inspire and excite your target audience by being different.

However, that requires creativity and sometimes a generous budget (although not always), which is why many companies and organisations end up with corporate videos that look very similar to everyone else’s.

That’s not to say that the archetypal corporate video doesn’t work. When you’ve got around 3 minutes to introduce a company or brand, provide the big picture of what that business does, convey company culture and vision, and communicate a key message to the viewer, there’s only so much a video director can do.

Yet, at the same time this information needs to be delivered in a way that will capture the viewer’s attention, engage them throughout the video, and inspire them to take action. It’s a tall order especially as we’ve all got very adept at filtering out digital content that we think is contrived or is trying to sell us something. Neurologically we’re hardwired to detect content like this and switch off.

So, how can you create a great corporate video?

Assuming that you’re not planning to produce a video in-house, you’ll need support from a video production agency. However, that’s not the end of the story. A video production agency can only work with the material they’re given, so to create a great corporate video you need to give them great material.

I talk a lot about inspiring digital content. Whether it’s video content or inspiring content for events. What I mean by this is content that inspires your target audience to change their behaviour in some way, to do something that you want them to do. This means that you need to have a clear objective for your content, and also really understand your target audience so that you know what triggers and messages will inspire them to action.

This is the information a video production agency needs to create a great corporate video. On top of which they also need to know what is inspiring about your company or organisation. These three factors – your business, your target audience, your objectives – are the foundations to build on.

At the top of this post I said that corporate video is not a genre in itself. You don’t need to stick to a format to create a great corporate video. But you can only deviate from the ‘norm’ if you have a clear understanding of the three factors above.

Knowing exactly what is inspiring about your business (what inspires your target audience) allows you to think less about conveying key information such as “we do xyz” and more about sharing your culture, vision and the stories around your business. This recent blog post shares my thoughts on identifying what’s inspiring about your business.

Understanding your target audience will allow you to explore different ways of telling those inspiring stories about your business or organisation. What cultural references will resonate with your audience? What type of audio-visual content engages them?

Finally your objective for your corporate video will tie these threads together and keep viewers engaged throughout the video, and so that they understand what they need to do having been inspired by you.

Producing that ‘great’ corporate video is a creative process. You need someone, whether within your business or an agency, who can bring all these factors together to create something outstanding. A piece of or many pieces of content that will Inspire your audience and make them Think, Feel & Do. The good news is that if you need a corporate video, you can be different and you can be inspiring, and that’s what will make a great video.

Give me a call or send me an email if you would like to discuss any of the above in more detail.

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