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Nailing The ‘Company Culture’ Video and Inspiring Employees

Do you want to work for a company that has great culture? At some level we all engage with company culture – both as employees and customers – and it can be a key differentiator between whether we want to work for or buy from a company or their competitors.

For recruitment and employee engagement purposes promoting company culture can very difficult. Many of the things we say about our company culture can seem contrived when laid out in black and white in a job description or on an ‘About Us’ page. Company culture is really about the personality of a company, which encompasses values, the workplace environment, the company mission, the employees themselves, ethics etc.

These are hard to pin down, and harder still to convey effectively in text.

That’s why the ‘company culture’ video is a boom for businesses that want to communicate their culture to candidates and existing employees.

If you want top talent, company culture comes high in a candidate’s priorities. They don’t just want a great salary, they also want to know that the values of the company are similar to their own, that the work environment is a great fit for them, and that they can see themselves being part of the future of that company.

That’s exactly what a company culture video can do, help candidates see how they might fit into a company, and show them what it’s actually like to work for the business.

Of course, to be effective the video must be authentic. Therefore using actors and a film location to show your workplace culture is not the right approach!

So what should your company culture video look like? Naturally it depends on your culture, which is not going be exactly the same as any other company. That’s why you can’t rip off anyone else’s company culture video. Instead use the following points to create a video brief for your own video!

If you’re planning to use a video production company to create your video, get them involved early as they will be able to help you develop the brief in line with your objectives.

Your Personality

Personality is a combination of all kinds of factors (including the points below) but also what your product is, how you talk about it, and what your customers are like. Essentially you need to define what the voice of your business is, what your communication style is. Just as with people, companies can have a reputation for being fun and humorous, witty and clever, serious and worthy, etc. etc.

Some companies have even introduced personality tests where employees answer Myers-Briggs style questions about the company to help identify what that company personality is.

Your Story

For many businesses the story of who they are, where they came from, what they want to achieve, how the business has evolved; is intrinsically linked to company culture. Exploring this story could provide great insights into what will resonate with candidates and help them decide whether your company is a good fit for them.

Your Values

Recruitment experts advise that you recruit people whose personal values are similar to your company values. This avoids a disconnect between what your company stands for and wants, and what they do. A video can really help people understand what those values look like in reality, so if you’re company values include ‘a happy workplace, happy staff’, viewers can see what that actually looks like for real.

Your People

A company culture video has to include your employees. They should ideally embody all that you say about your culture. If you struggle to identify suitable employees who reflect your company values and personality, it could be because these aren’t genuine qualities.

Your Future

Where are you going? Candidates want to get some idea of what the future holds and whether they want to come along for the ride. This is an opportunity to communicate the ambition of your company and excite prospective employees about career potential, personal development and being part of your company’s future.

With the above information as a starting point a storyline for your company culture video can be developed. If you would like to discuss next steps for creating that video, give me a call on 01252 717707 or email

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