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BAFTA Nomination For Children’s Learning – Primary

The NRG office in Farnham, Surrey is buzzing with excitement after news that our educational film for Exeter Cathedral has been nominated for a BAFTA! Naturally the team in Exeter are equally as pleased, especially as the film was nominated by a panel of educational experts – not the public or BAFTA fellows.

Lisa Gordon, Senior Education Officer at Exeter Cathedral first contacted NRG having seen our work for Westminster Abbey. The film was commissioned to provide an overview of Exeter Cathedral specifically for groups of schoolchildren before they take the tour of the cathedral. Increasingly education departments in historic or heritage sites are using digital technologies such as video, to engage with audiences and help present information in a visually dynamic way. This enhances the visitors’ appreciation during their visit, and also helps deliver educational content in a way that engages and helps visitors retain important facts and information.

As you will see below, video is able to highlight details and facts in a way that is impossible to convey during a tour of a building with 30+ students in tow. One of the key aspects of this is being able to show elevated views and aerial shots, reconstructions so that visitors can get an idea of what the building was like when initially completed, and provide context in the form of graphics representing the events at that time.

Of course, this film is not designed to replace the tour of the building itself. Instead the schoolchildren visiting Exeter Cathedral now get more out of the tour, having got a sense of its importance and prestige, as well as being able to identify key features and points of interest.

Feedback from the team at Exeter has been great. The film has now been shown to numerous school groups in the past year, and the tour guides and educational department have noticed a real difference in engagement. Students seek out features that have captured their imagination in the film to see for themselves in real life, they remember the facts from the film and are able to explore these in more detail during the tour, and have a greater appreciation for the history and majesty of the cathedral. Schools have welcomed this new aspect of the tour, as they can see real benefits for the students’ learning.

See for yourself below…

Welcome To Exeter Cathedral: Educational Film

A BAFTA nomination is an immense achievement for the team at NRG and all those involved in the production of this film. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone – and especially Exeter Cathedral for commissioning it in the first place and providing an inspiring story to work with!

If you would like to discuss how educational films can help your organisation communicate and engage visitors, please get in touch. I’d be delighted to share in more detail the strategy and processes behind creating content such as the Exeter Cathedral and Westminster Abbey’s films. Call 01252 717707 or email

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