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Podcast: Enterprise Nation Speaks To Rob Edmonds

Emily Chiswell of Enterprise Nation interviewed our MD Rob Edmonds last week sharing his vision for NRG Digital, the challenges of being a digital start up, and the satisfaction of making complicated messages into visually engaging and effective video content.

If you’ve ever wondered about what makes Rob get up every morning and excites him about the business, the answers are in this podcast! You’ll also discover what he wishes his superpower could be, definitely one that other business owners would appreciate too.

Enterprise Nation: A BAFTA Nominated Enterprise Nation Member With Grand Designs

As you will have heard, Rob and NRG’s mission is to bring messages to life using video. In our experience many companies struggle to convey complex messages about who they are, what they stand for, and what makes them different. In a very noisy digital environment where everyone is shouting their message, how can companies reach their target audiences in a meaningful way? Rob and the rest of the team believe that video is an incredibly powerful tool to do this when done in the right way.

To this end, and in the spirit of Enterprise Nation’s collaborative and supportive ethos, Rob would be happy to meet up or chat on the phone about the challenge of getting your message across, and explore how video can be utilised to this end. Contact him on or call 01252 717707.

Also, what superpower would you most like to have?

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