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Behind The Scenes Videos – SuperVitality

We had a great day with the SuperVitality team shooting their new video – No Bs, Just Clean & Simple Supplements – which you can see here. As well as filming the video as planned for use on their social media platforms, website, YouTube etc., we also shot a behind-the-scenes video for ourselves.

Behind-the-scenes videos have become increasingly popular, as they’re a very easy and relatively inexpensive way of generating more value out of your video productions. Many television ads now also include a behind-the-scenes video for YouTube and social media, and you can see why – it’s a great opportunity to engage viewers, sharing ‘exclusives’, putting faces to the brand and communicating your core message / story in a more subtle way.

Behind The Scenes At NRG Digital

Our video below provides you all with a bit of insight into what a video production looks like, what we look like, how it works and what a stress-free experience working with NRG can be – honestly it is! But it also provides a little bit more information about our client SuperVitality; their motivations for making the video, their commitment to their product, and what a great bunch of people they are with a managing director who’s prepared to become the backend of a pantomime horse!

While the video was never designed to promote the client directly (it’s for our benefit!) it’s actually a very effective way engaging people with their brand and especially the team behind it.

Here’s the video, it’ll either make you want to rush out and buy the health supplements or book NRG Digital for your next video production!

Next time you plan a video production spare a thought about whether you would also like to produce a behind-the-scenes video too. It’s easy to do and can be a really valuable way of continuing the engagement with your viewers and maximising your marketing opportunities.

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