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The Use Of Digital Technologies In The Heritage Sector

Cathedrals, castles, historic buildings and other heritage sites need to find ways of engaging a new generation and new audiences. Whether it’s marketing a heritage attraction to increase footfall, or finding ways to engage visitors during and after their visit – an entry into a heritage handbook and a staid copy of the guidebook is not enough.

Digital Technologies And New Audiences

Instead, marketing and education departments are increasingly embracing the power and connectivity of digital technologies. Technologies such as video, apps, and interactive event technologies to great effect. This is particularly successful when engaging with the younger generation. In fact I’m quite envious of children today. Trips to historic buildings when I was at school were nowhere near as rewarding an experience as they are nowadays.

To this end Lisa Gordon, Senior Education Officer at Exeter Cathedral, got in touch with us. Having seen our work with Westminster Abbey, she was interested in commissioning a film to serve as an inspiring insight into the story of the Cathedral. The film takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride through the history of the Cathedral, using cinematic techniques to bring to life moments in the Cathedrals history. It will be shown to schoolchildren to get them enthused about the Cathedral before they take the tour.

Exeter Cathedral – The Shoot

The NRG crew, which includes 6 times BAFTA award winning presenter Andrew Chater, had a great time at Exeter Cathedral working with Lisa and the team. We are now deep in post-production editing and the BAFTA award winning animation team are currently working on the special effects that will feature in the film. Here we share our behind the scenes film, giving you an insight into the making of an educational film.

Exeter Cathedral_Behind the Scenes from NRG Digital Group on Vimeo.

Coming soon….

The Story of Exeter Cathedral

If you have any questions about creating engaging educational content for historic buildings and heritage sites, please get in contact. Call: 01252 717707, email:

image from the filming taking place in Exeter Cathedral

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