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How To Convince Your Boss You Need Video Marketing

If you are finding it a struggle to convince your boss, marketing team, colleagues or anyone else why online video marketing is a positive step for your business, point them in the direction of this blog post!

Here we share the key benefits of integrating video into your online content marketing plan:

Reasons Your Company Should Be Using Video

Video Is The Launchpad To Something BIG

Whether you want to launch a company, a brand or your own career; video is the tool to get your concept in front of a vast audience. You’ve heard of the YouTube stars making millions out of advertising on the channel? But what about the people, and companies, who have used video content to start and grow their businesses? From video chefs who now sell out venues around the world, to the tool sales company whose “how to” videos attract thousands of visitors to their online shop.

In fact, for this reason alone I would advocate a video content plan, but for those of you who need further convincing here are 7 more reasons you should used use online video marketing:

Video Is Where Your Customers Hang Out

We’ve all read the stats from YouTube on their impressive user base. YouTube is not the only source of video content, there are other platforms and, of course, your own website. In fact the more video you upload to your site, the more traffic is driven there – and I’m sure you would rather get potential customers onto your website than leave them to browse YouTube…

Video Gives You The Edge

Are your competitors using video communications to reach your target audience? If not, then here’s a great opportunity to get in first and ensure your business is top in any video search engine results page. If your competitors are already using video, what are you waiting for?

Video Is Great For SEO

Video ranks higher on Google and other search engines than boring old text. And, just in the same way as you can with written content, you can optimise your video content for SEO, ensuring it’s searchable using keywords, categories and tags.

Video Is Engaging

Studies show that viewers are more likely to engage with video than text. This includes commenting, “liking” and sharing content online. If your social media is stuck in a rut with low levels of engagement, add a video to a post and see the difference.

Video Is Highly Shareable

Create an engaging video that either informs, entertains or both, and you are providing viewers with material they can share with others. Your customers not only share great videos, but your staff will too reaching a far wider audience than any other online content.

Video Is Accessible

Whether you are trying to explain a process, the complexities of a product or communicate the emotions associated with your brand, video is the tool to do this. A picture may speak a thousand words but a video can convey 1.8 million!

Video Is Mobile

Are you trying to read this blog post on your mobile? Even with responsive design reading any large amount of text on a mobile is arduous. Whereas your smartphone will happily fit a video to the screen, and allow you to view it with ease. Note to self: consider a vlog in future!

Have a look at our Portfolio for some great examples of how video marketing has helped our clients. If your boss needs further convincing about the benefits of video why not get in touch? Email, call or message us using the comments box below.

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