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Great Ways To Use Video Marketing

Here’s the scenario: you’ve been told that video is the way to enhance your brand. You’ve read the blogs and seen the statistics that show how video marketing is booming and the benefits it brings to brand communications. But where do you start?

Video Marketing And Consumer Trust

When considering how to spend your marketing and advertising budgets consumer trust is an important factor. With only 15.4% of UK consumers believing what companies say in their advertising it could be time to shift more of your ££££££s into brand marketing than advertising products or services. Some of the best video marketing doesn’t feature a product at all; it’s all about getting consumers to buy into your brand image in order to drive sales.

So faced with the task of creating video content to market your brand, here are some ideas that you could employ:

Catchy Engaging Content

Although I’m not talking about creating adverts many of the strategies used in a commercial can be (and should be) applied to your video marketing. From the production values to the content, those same techniques create engaging material for brand marketing.

One key benefit of producing any online content is its share-ability and potential to go viral. Whether your video contains emotive content, storytelling or just a fun, catchy song (see below), your goal for your video should be to engage your target audience.

We shot this film for Texas Joe’s. If you’re fans of the Dragon’s Den you may have seen Joe’s pitch to the Dragons back in 2013. This is a great example of brand marketing, where the audience is asked to buy into the brand without necessarily having even seen the product. The video, of course, has clocked up plenty of YouTube views and comments such as,

“Amazing, never had [any] interest in trying jerky before but you lot and your song have convinced me!”

Behind The Scenes

Texas Joe’s Jerky Song video also ticks the “behind the scenes” box too. Consumers really like to feel that they are getting an exclusive insight into your brand. This kind of footage allows those people behind the brand (business owners and their employees) to step into the limelight, and for customers to feel that they are also part of the team.

Texas Joe is obviously a one-man brand with a very distinctive image that appeals to people on an entertainment level. For other companies behind the scenes footage can help to inform customers of the company’s ethos, values and goals. This short film we produced for AltFi on crowdsourcing provides a great behind the scenes insight into a small business called Cake Cetera.

FILM 8 CAKE CETERA from NRG Digital Group on Vimeo.

Talking about your business or getting your employees to share how  fantastic your company is, is one way of putting a human face to your brand; but getting your customers to do it for you is even better. All those social media likes, comments and shares are a great endorsement but what about putting your customers in front of the camera?

Video Testimonials

If only 15.4% of UK consumers trust a brand’s advertising, who do the rest trust? Our peers for one. Social media presents us with even more opportunities to share our purchases, recommend our favourite products and align our own image with the brands we trust. Many brands are successively utilising this, providing their customers with numerous reasons to share their content and promote the brand to an extended network.

This also presents an opportunity to tell stories of satisfied customers. Why not show off why your existing customers continue to return to you, the value your brand adds to their lives and why potential customers will identify with these stories?

Check out this video we produced for the Jerky Group which features athletes at Sportex talking about the qualities they like in this brand’s product.

JG at Sportex v from NRG Digital Group on Vimeo.

Product Walkthroughs and How Tos

Another great way to add real value for your target audience is to share specific information about your product, service or brand. Instead of an instruction manual how about a product walkthrough, giving customers a better understanding of how your product works? Essentially this takes an expert directly to the customer allowing you to deliver a high level of service without the expense this would traditionally incur.

I hope that gives you a few ideas of ways you can create engaging and valuable content and why you should. If you would like to discuss your video communication requirements with NRG Digital give me a call on 01252 629 996. You can also check out our vimeo channel to see more of our work.

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